Daddy & Me “Polaroid”

I’m testing out this cool program that was originally for the iPhone called CameraBag. It’s supposed to simulate old processing techniques like poloroids, old black and whites, cinemas, etc. Since I can’t afford Photoshop, I’m happy I found a cheap toy to play around with for now. It’s actually pretty fun tool when you want to just do a quick edit. It’ll have to hold me for a while!

Daddy & Me “Polaroid”, originally uploaded by amandamal.

This one’s of me and my daddy (♥) on vacation last summer. I also did most of my New Years photos with it.  I kinda like it! Thoughts?

P.S. If you want to purchase the tool, type in “Holidays” in the promo code spot at checkout to save $4!

(More CameraBag uses on Flickr)

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