Finding Inspiration

I was enaging in my typical morning diversion of blog stalking when I stumbled across and amazing freebie/tutorial over at Creature Comfort. (Oh how I love you Creature Comfort!)  It was printable tea bag covers for valentines day.  So, I said to myself, this would be perfect for Jess’s Bridal Shower (which is tea themed).  So after an hour of powerpoint/pdf magic, voila.  Now I just have to put tea bags in there.  Check out the tutorial because her design is beautiful for Valentine’s day.  Such an awesome idea! (Can you tell how excited I am?)

Here are the individual tea bag templates I’m printing. What do you think? I’ll probably try to use burgundy thread to tie it all together. 

Tea Bag Covers - Jess' Bridal Shower

  1. These really are cute. I like what you did there with the colors. And choosing a pretty font is probably going to look nicer than handwriting a bunch of them. How many do you plan to make? The stitching looks like it’ll take a while.

    I saw a tutorial once in Lillyella about making your own reusable teabags, and that’s really cute, too. Might be good for your friend’s shower! Here, I just googled the link:

  2. Wow. Amazing idea! I absolutely love it!It looks way easier to do!

    Thank you so much for your support & help! 🙂

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