This weekend has been given many incredible names: Super Storm, Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon.  No matter what you call it, here where I live it translates to about 28 inches of snow. 

So here I am, exhausted after shoveling out my driveway and half of my car.   After the shoveling I wnadered out into the undeveloped part of my neighborhood in hopes of taking some cool pictures.  Any thoughts?

Snowy Sunflares

My first sunflare! Yay!

Leafy Snow

This might be my favorite!

Snowy Shadows

Cliche, I know, but we love corny & cliche. lol.


After we arrived back to our house, Joe covered me in snow and I pushed him into a snow bank (I love him).  In tune with his fun, free-spirited way, he announced take a picture of this as he leapt into the snow in our front yeard.  Here’s a few of the series.  Hope it makes you giggle too.  Have fun out in the snow & stay warm!

Spread Your Wings & Fly

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