I blinked. (Day 03)

I blinked.  And somehow my little baby niece is so grown up.  Does this happen overnight?

Anyways, before our planned outing to the mall, I tried to snap a photo of her with the 50mm.  Capturing running children with a manual focus is alot harder than anticipated.  I’m going to definitely have to work on this.  So it’s a good side goal for the 50 days of 50 project.  Hopefully by the end, I’ll be able to use/appreciate the 50mm lens in any setting and be really proud of my photos. 

So while there’s definitely room for improvement photographically speaking, I love these because of my cute little subject, the “Natters.” Enjoy & see you tomorrow! 🙂


(P.S. this is the outfit we got her for her birthday. Is it to die for or what? JCPenny = awesome sometimes)

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