Baking: Boston Creme Cupcakes – Attempt 1

I stole this recipe from a magazine in a doctor’s office once.  I mean, it was so enticing.  I discovered boston creme cake in college and became enamored with it.  Even the crappy cafeteria style kind.  Still delicious.

Either way, I finally got to attempting these.  I say attempt because I don’t want you to assume it was successful, because it was not.  Sad but true.

So, I was so excited about these, and while they look pretty darn cute on the photo, they were not the right texture.  The cupcake was too crumbly.  The chocolate glaze – too gritty & sugary.  And the filling, well, you can’t really mess it up because it was instant pudding. 

Despite this flop, I still haven’t given up.  I might start by using a box cupcake next time and reducing the amount of sugar in the icing.   I still have hope.  But for now, I’m going to focus on some other recipes, which will hopefully be more successful.

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