meeting the flay.

Today, I met the flay.  the Bobby Flay.  Master Chef extraordinaire.  I met him. 

Oh my goodness, so exciting.  And no, I didn’t tell him that moments before, I had totally messed up at my attempt at making dinner rolls. twice. 

Anyways, he was at the Annapolis Mall doing a book signing for his new cookbook, Bar Americain (there are some delicious recipes in there) .  So I lined up with what seemed like a billion people to say hi!  (Technically I said both “Hi”and “Thank you.”  lol.  I’m so chatty!) 

After 2 hours and 20 minutes of waiting with my poor hubby (whose knees were in so much pain).  We finally got into the store. 

At least then I could distract myself with all the pretty tools and delicious smells. 

(me totally geeking out)

Finally he signed our copy.  I was so excited! 🙂

So there you have it.  Me + Bobby Flay = best friends.  And by best friends, I mean I met him for 2 seconds, and watch his shows.  lol.  But I still had a blast! 🙂

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