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Inspiration: Sunday Crossbow


Photo Credit: Sunday Crossbow and WheelHouse Collective

So I stumbled upon this photo (left) and loved it.  I needed that outfit.  (Ok so i didn’t really need it)  And then I discovered her blog, Sunday Crossbow, and was enamored with (a) her sense of style and (b) her fabulous haircut. Her style is a great combination of vintage and modern.  She definitely inspired me to beef up my wardrobe from baggy t-shirts and jean capris to something that makes me feel and look great.  Sounds like a need a shopping trip! And I can see that haircut in my future. 🙂


You are a Child of the Universe!

you, originally uploaded by petalthrow.

Thinking Italy…

Today I found out that Italy still may be an option.  (THANK YOU TAX REFUND)  It will require lots of scrimping and saving, but our return will give us 60% of what we need to go…..   In celebration of this definite possibility, I scoured the internet for some cool Italy photos.  Hopefully this will be me soon!!!  

Just So Roma (4)

Just So Roma (1)


“Down each avenue or via, street or strata
You can see ’em disappearing two by two
On an evening in Roma
Do they take ’em for espresso
Yeah, I guess so
On each lover’s arm a girl I wish I knew
On an evening in Roma”

-Dean Martin

Finding Inspiration

I was enaging in my typical morning diversion of blog stalking when I stumbled across and amazing freebie/tutorial over at Creature Comfort. (Oh how I love you Creature Comfort!)  It was printable tea bag covers for valentines day.  So, I said to myself, this would be perfect for Jess’s Bridal Shower (which is tea themed).  So after an hour of powerpoint/pdf magic, voila.  Now I just have to put tea bags in there.  Check out the tutorial because her design is beautiful for Valentine’s day.  Such an awesome idea! (Can you tell how excited I am?)

Here are the individual tea bag templates I’m printing. What do you think? I’ll probably try to use burgundy thread to tie it all together. 

Tea Bag Covers - Jess' Bridal Shower

Thoughtful Thursday

Larson Quote

“Stretching my legs with color”

more on the mountains, originally uploaded by antimethod.

I stumbled across this photo and stopped the hiysterical clicking, paused, and uttered wow. Amazing. And I love her comment in the description saying she was “stretching my legs in color.” She is definitely an inspiration. Check out more of antimethod’s work on flickr. So jealous of her mad skills!

Daddy & Me “Polaroid”

I’m testing out this cool program that was originally for the iPhone called CameraBag. It’s supposed to simulate old processing techniques like poloroids, old black and whites, cinemas, etc. Since I can’t afford Photoshop, I’m happy I found a cheap toy to play around with for now. It’s actually pretty fun tool when you want to just do a quick edit. It’ll have to hold me for a while!

Daddy & Me “Polaroid”, originally uploaded by amandamal.

This one’s of me and my daddy (♥) on vacation last summer. I also did most of my New Years photos with it.  I kinda like it! Thoughts?

P.S. If you want to purchase the tool, type in “Holidays” in the promo code spot at checkout to save $4!

(More CameraBag uses on Flickr)