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meeting the flay.

Today, I met the flay.  the Bobby Flay.  Master Chef extraordinaire.  I met him. 

Oh my goodness, so exciting.  And no, I didn’t tell him that moments before, I had totally messed up at my attempt at making dinner rolls. twice. 

Anyways, he was at the Annapolis Mall doing a book signing for his new cookbook, Bar Americain (there are some delicious recipes in there) .  So I lined up with what seemed like a billion people to say hi!  (Technically I said both “Hi”and “Thank you.”  lol.  I’m so chatty!) 

After 2 hours and 20 minutes of waiting with my poor hubby (whose knees were in so much pain).  We finally got into the store. 

At least then I could distract myself with all the pretty tools and delicious smells. 

(me totally geeking out)

Finally he signed our copy.  I was so excited! 🙂

So there you have it.  Me + Bobby Flay = best friends.  And by best friends, I mean I met him for 2 seconds, and watch his shows.  lol.  But I still had a blast! 🙂


Blooming. Tea.


ravens fan.

A Flacco jersey.  Cheering loudly for the team. And she’s mirroring my husband’s responses.  It’s so fun to watch her grow.

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Wordless Wednesday: Marcy likes Scarves

8 months.

This is what 8 months old  looks like. 


Perfect and beautiful and curious about everything.  Like painted toe nails.  And keys.  And the remote control. 


And we are even learning to brush our teeth!  How awesome?  Oh little Marcy, I love everything about you!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day all! 🙂  This morning I received many awesome gifts from my daughter: a smile, a bath/changing without crying, and a beautiful “I love mom” mug.  Needless to say I have a new favorite mug to drink coffee out of. 

I tried to set up a photoshoot with a pretty Valentines placemat I had, but she promptly fell asleep!  Such a cutie!

Later she woke up for us to play (and cry)! 🙂

Apparently the hubbie has suprises for me tonight too! I can’t wait! 🙂  I love Valentine’s Day!!