Wordless Wednesday: Marcy likes Scarves



So.  I’ve been silent for a couple of days.  But that is because I’m working on something great.  My kitchen + Home DepotContainer Store = organizational heaven.  I’m working really hard to get out of this rut that I’m in and make my house, and life, more organized and efficient which will leave more time for things I enjoy like playing with Marcy, blogging, photo adventures, and working out.  More photos to come! 🙂

Are you excited yet?

Cravings: Caramel Macciato Ice Cream Pie & Aprons

Caramel Macciato Pie & Apron

I stumbled upon this article at food beast highlighting Caramel Macciato Ice Cream Pie.  Once again, someone has combined 2 things that i love.  My favorite coffee beverage?  Ice cream?  This just has to be delicious!  I foresee a food post about this coming very, very soon. 

And then I said to myself, you know what would go perfect with this?  A brand, spanking new apron.  Double drool.  And there’s a matching one for Marcy.  Oh Anthropologie.  You are such a temptress.

Inspiration: Sunday Crossbow


Photo Credit: Sunday Crossbow and WheelHouse Collective

So I stumbled upon this photo (left) and loved it.  I needed that outfit.  (Ok so i didn’t really need it)  And then I discovered her blog, Sunday Crossbow, and was enamored with (a) her sense of style and (b) her fabulous haircut. Her style is a great combination of vintage and modern.  She definitely inspired me to beef up my wardrobe from baggy t-shirts and jean capris to something that makes me feel and look great.  Sounds like a need a shopping trip! And I can see that haircut in my future. 🙂

Baking: Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies

While chatting with some friends last week, one mentioned a great treat that someone had brought to their latest party – and Oreo chocolate chip cookie. Oreo + chocolate chip cookies?  Sold!  So I found this recipe online, but modified it slightly.  And by slightly, I mean I subbed the chocolate chip cookie mix recipe, with readymade dough.   (Hey! New moms need all the help we can get!)  And you know what?  Most delicious cookies ever.

This is so simple to do, just wrap some cookie dough around a double stuf Oreo and smush the seams together.  Voila!

 Then just bake in the oven for 14 minutes at 350 degrees…

While keeping babycakes entertained….

And then take them out and enjoy.  I think that I put too much cookie dough around my Oreos.  Out of a 16.5oz tube of cookie dough, it only made 8 cookies, but I think you could strectch it a little more! 

What do you think?

8 months.

This is what 8 months old  looks like. 


Perfect and beautiful and curious about everything.  Like painted toe nails.  And keys.  And the remote control. 


And we are even learning to brush our teeth!  How awesome?  Oh little Marcy, I love everything about you!


It’s been months since my last post, and the idea of posting again seems daunting.   It’s just photography can be so daunting these days.  So do I post endless pictures of my daughters face?  Surely you would think I’m some crazy obsessed mom.  But what else then?  lol.  New moms rarely see the outdoors or anything that might make for a perfect subject.  So I decided to broaden my horizons.  Today, I change the blog to be about Amanda Jeanne – mom, wife, photographer, cook, and friend. 

Hopefully that will make it less pressure and I’ll be able to share all the things I love, not just my inconsistent photo adventures.  🙂