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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day all! 🙂  This morning I received many awesome gifts from my daughter: a smile, a bath/changing without crying, and a beautiful “I love mom” mug.  Needless to say I have a new favorite mug to drink coffee out of. 

I tried to set up a photoshoot with a pretty Valentines placemat I had, but she promptly fell asleep!  Such a cutie!

Later she woke up for us to play (and cry)! 🙂

Apparently the hubbie has suprises for me tonight too! I can’t wait! 🙂  I love Valentine’s Day!!



Today was a good day.  I finally got to post one of the photos I took the other day.  (Marcy is such a cute sleeper) I also got to go shopping with my mom and my sister, Krissy (and of course, Marcy).  It felt so good to get out of the house and to talk to girls!  We went to Kmart, Macys, and Sears.  I got myself 2 dresses on clearance, which is my first clothing purchase since Marcy was born! Über exciting.

Friendly Bunny

Today Marcy made a fuzzy friend……kinda.  While getting her diaper changed, she accidentally grabbed the bunny in a bear hug.  It’s closeness then proceeded to make her cry as she wasn’t quite sure how to let him go.  From an outsiders perspective, it was hilarious! 🙂

02.07 - Bunny

02.07 - Bunny2

Sunday Best

Fashionista in Training

Here’s my little fashionista.  With her little structured fleece jacket, pink headband, and diva attitude – she’s just perfect.

Playing Catchup

So this weekend has been a blur.  With a sick baby, it’s hard to tell where the weekend started and where it ended.  But somehow it is Monday again!  It’s so depressing to take care of a sick baby.  There is so little that you can do to calm and comfort.  Where is baby Nyquil when you need it??!!  Well it has taken almost all of my energy, which is why there hasn’t been photos for a few days.  Today I was determined to get back to it. 

Grandpa’s are the Best! 🙂

My parents are great with the baby.   They try so hard to help me out whenever I can.  Yesterday was one of those days.  They took care of Marcy so I could attend the last baptism class and then invited us over later that night for some delicious pork roast.  Yum.  A hot meal that I didn’t have to cook or clean up after.  They know how to make me happy! 🙂  lol.  But the days over there are filled with such cute moments… especially this one.  It’s clear already, Marcy loves her grandparents!

Star Wars Pancakes

So the last time my friend Will visited, he suprised me with a super cool gift – Star Wars pancake molds.  So my excitement over this probably makes me a big dweeb, but I can’t help it!!  So this morning, I decided to test it out.  Definitely have cool results and delicious pancakes! 🙂

My Friend (Ian’s) Birthday

Ian is a good friend of mine, but with the baby and pregnancy, I haven’t made the time to go visit him in a long time.  So, his birthday was the perfect oppurtunity to remind him how much we care.  So my hubbie, Marcy and I hopped in my focus and headed for Timonium to stop by with cupcakes, a present, and some bear hugs!  I was so happy that we got to make it, even though we couldn’t stay for too long!  Best of all we made hime feel extra special on his birthday!  🙂

Triple Tuesday!

Two photographers! 🙂

My little paparazzi! Future photojournalist? I think so!

“Mom there is something on my head, and I DON’T LIKE IT!”