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Our Ravens

We are Ravens fans.  But not those ravens fans that wear jerseys but can’t tell you who they are playing this week.  Not the kind that wear lavendar fitted jerseys.

No. We are the kind that live and breathe Ravens football.  We can tell you what color the team is wearing.  We tailgate for hours.  We hate to miss a game. 

We. heart. the Ravens.

We may even bleed purple and black… 

So today, Joe got to go to the game, so I tailgated with my family for a little bit.  And it was a blast.  Cold, but totally worth it.  LET’S GO RAVENS! 

Update:  34 – 17  Woot!



Baby Day

So today was not day 1 of cooking week, though I am making delicious smelling peanut butter brownies (from scratch – thanks Williams & Sonoma!) as I type.  Today was baby day.  My sister Katie had her first little baby, a girl named Angelina Marie.  Oh and what a beautiful baby she is.  She’s so small and perfect.  🙂  My heart melted when I got to hold her in my arms. 

12 Angelina

I blinked. (Day 03)

I blinked.  And somehow my little baby niece is so grown up.  Does this happen overnight?

Anyways, before our planned outing to the mall, I tried to snap a photo of her with the 50mm.  Capturing running children with a manual focus is alot harder than anticipated.  I’m going to definitely have to work on this.  So it’s a good side goal for the 50 days of 50 project.  Hopefully by the end, I’ll be able to use/appreciate the 50mm lens in any setting and be really proud of my photos. 

So while there’s definitely room for improvement photographically speaking, I love these because of my cute little subject, the “Natters.” Enjoy & see you tomorrow! 🙂


(P.S. this is the outfit we got her for her birthday. Is it to die for or what? JCPenny = awesome sometimes)

B. B. Buggy

B.B. Buggy.  That’s what my adorable neice calls herself.  And I think it’s perfect! 🙂 Enjoy